Strategic thinking: building a research and innovation led Bioeconomy

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Időpont 2017.09.21 - 2017.09.21
Típus konferencia
Helyszín: Hungexpo, Pavilion Nr. 25.
Kulcsszavak bioeconomy

The conference focusing on strategic thinking: building a research and innovation led bioeconomy will be held on the 21st September at the 78th National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair (OMÉK) in Budapest (Hungary).

The conference will focus on opportunities in the bioeconomy. Presenters from the EU-15 Member States will share their experiences on the importance of developing the economy in the direction of the bioeconomy, while Hungarian best practices in the field of research- and innovation-based cooperation for the bioeconomy will be presented.

Participation at the conferences are free of charge, but requires registration:

The agenda of the conference is available attached.

megnevezés típus méret
01 Davide Amato - Setting the Scene: The European Bioeconomy Strategy PDF 595.89 KB
02 Barna Kovacs - Need for strategy development in CEE countries PDF 656.73 KB
03 Toomas Kevvai - The Estonian Bioeconomy Strategy PDF 1.92 MB
04 Manual Lainez Andres - The Spanish Bioeconomy Strategy PDF 3.84 MB
05 Ferenc Hodos - The experiences of the operation of Pannonia Ethanol PDF 1.37 MB
06 Zoltan Basa - Innovative approach in plant production: VegaAlga, a sustainable business model PDF 1.46 MB
07 Gabor Tarczali - Implementing short food supply chains and reducing soybean dependency in favor of GMO-free foraging in the Hungarian pig production sector PDF 1.25 MB
08 Dr Mihaly Petis - Agricultural by-product and waste utilization in bioenergy production PDF 776.1 KB
09 Akos Nyitrai - CNG the fuel of the future in the Hungarian agriculture PDF 3.54 MB
10 Edward Someus - EU policy "Fertilizers Regulation revision law-harmonization" for circular economical Bio-Phosphate recovery PDF 1.37 MB
11 Akos Koos - What can be the role of a research institute in the build of Bioeconomy PDF 916.62 KB
Agenda PDF 383.35 KB